Another Funny Friday

Used Grep Once, Unix Master

It is funny how geeks tend to be more modest people generally – at least in my experience. You always come across the across the “I’m a ninja” geek though – whose bluff and blag way outweights their ability. I knew one particularly good example, let’s call him John, as that was his name :-).

Now John could write code, and on the whole he was a decent guy. Unfortunately, he had convinced himself that he was the best coder around and had ninja level tech skills. He had ninja level body odour but that’s another story. One day (way back) when I was a mere youngster and he was a good 20 years older than me, he was happily showing me what he’d learnt in this new web language called php. It was essentially a glorified ‘hello world’ page, that became his personal website. Now I’d already built full applications in php by then, but I verbally patted him on the back and told him it was definitely a language worth getting deeper into. He should have kept quiet at that point, but instead he had to say it. He told me he’d be happy to teach me, but he wasn’t sure I would be able to understand it 🙂